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ShShSh self-organized group

With over 30 female artists as its members, the self-organized group ShShSh describes itself as a non-hierarchical multitude of independent units. Each member has their own personal mythology and working strategy, but together they form a single collective body, operating via chaotic horizontal connections. An important part of their practice is the study of the mechanics of the group’s internal interactions, including in the digital space. 

2021 - VR installation the exhibition ShShSh self-organized group "I DO understand you, but I CANNOT SPEAK" in the exhibition "Assuming Distance: Speculations, Fakes, and Predictions in the Age of the Coronacene" Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Curators: Yaroslav Volovod, Ekaterina Lazareva, Ekaterina Savchenko.

Lingam or Linga is an altar of the divine generating force from ancient Indian mythology, combining male and female genitals in its form. Linga in Sanskrit also means "sign", "symbol". As my embodiment in the symbolic space of the game, I chose the reverse altar, which thanks and bestows each guest. This gift is life, energy, creative power, abundance.

The character is a Lingam and is located in the garage of the house. He/she works as a reverse altar and gives gifts to all comers.  Initially, the prototype of the character was made by me from clay, and then transferred to the digital space of the game. Lingam has a male and female component. Male in the form of a phallus, female in the form of the image of the Virgin Mary. Lingam ejaculates with pixel gifts of flowers/fruits/oil drops/turmeric, when the room is filled with gifts, there is a flash, an explosion, and the space is emptied.
There are three pictures of me hanging in the garage design, which symbolically refer to harmony and creative energy, which can almost be caught in a second of rest. Then the cycle repeats and the whole space is again filled with gifts, movement, life, abundance.
The character has a sacred saying addressed from the male part of the female character:
"And she will be like a tree planted by the streams of waters, which brings forth its fruit in its season, and whose leaf does not wither; and in everything that she does, she will have time."

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