Nataliya Tazbash - photographer.

Born in Moscow.

In 2000 she engaged in professional photography and started shooting on a film camera (model "Kiev 19") for magazines, bands and media.


Making fine art portraits on analog camera since 2009 .

Member of International Federation of Artists.

Shot photo projects in Russia, Japan, USA, China, Germany, Austria and Vietnam.

Made cover photos for albums of many famous russian musicians such as Boris Grebenshchikov, "Leningrad" (the Bullet and the Bullet+), Karina Koks and DJ M. E. G. (music label Black Star), as well as for various theatrical and film projects. Worked with media: Afisha, SNC, Empire, Yachting and many others. 

My last completed project is a series of black-and-white fine art portraits of young actresses. The best photos from the series were compiled in photobook "Girls".

Imprint photo from the project is now in the National History Museum of Denmark, in the portrait gallery. Currently looking for a publisher for a book and shooting a new series with young artists.

Artistic method

I make snapshots on film (mostly black and white, but sometimes color) on a large-format camera - it's a big instrument with bellows on a tripod, like in an old photostudio. The size of the negative is 10 by 12 cm. For various projects I use other film cameras with different formats and lenses: Hasselblad SWC, olympus om1, fuji CW690.

I print in the classic method of manual photo printing with the help of Valery Samarin, the best printer of Moscow, a famous Russian photographer and student of the legendary photographer Alexander Lapin.

I involve various high-level specialists for my projects. In particular, I constantly work with one of the star visagistes of Moscow Vera Baratova.

Creating a photo for me is a very intimate, almost sacred process. Working with public figures, who use various artistic and social masks in life, I try to remove this barrier and open through the classic portrait the deep psychological and emotional structure of their personality. As a result, the most intense and vivid images are obtained: the model is revealed, receiving radically different sensations from the shooting process..


Career, education

2016 - the book "Girls", a work with the master of manual photo printing Valery Samarin, make-up artist Vera Baratova, designer Alexander Blucher, artist and writer Pavel Pepperstein.

2015 - studying at Valery Samarin studio, work in my own portrait studio.

2014 - cooperation with the Bonheur Prints gallery in the USA.

2011 - participation in the workshop with Morten Anderson in St. Petersburg, organized by the Foundation / Gallery "FotoDepartament" within the framework of the year of Scandinavian photography in Russia.

2009 - the first own artistic projects.

2004-2009 - studying in the "State Academic University of the Humanities", specializing in "Culturology"

2004 - trained by photographer Pavel Smirnov.

2000-2006 - photographer, and then issuing editor in the magazine and the art project Game.exe, dedicated to the computer games industry.


Exhibition projects

2018 - participation in the photo exhibition "Color here", gallery VZ Taganka, curator Andrey Bartenev.​ Moscow.

2018 - personal exhibition of portraits from the book "girls"
"awareness in the human dimension,
That is god "
In the artist's studio in Moscow.

2017 - participation in the photo exhibition "Black and White here", gallery VZ Taganka, curator Andrey Bartenev. Moscow.

2002 - participation in the photo exhibition "Everywhere" in the gallery of the MECC. Moscow.

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